The Rosco Ring

Where did Rosco get that Ring?

Many times over the years "Dukes" fans have asked us about the curious turquoise ring that Jimmie is seen wearing in the first two seasons of "Dukes of Hazzard". While at the Marilgold Festival in Pekin, Illinois this past summer, a fan gave Jimmie a similar ring that had been in his family for over 20 years. When he inquired about the original ring - it got on a search to track down the whereabouts and details of the original. The ring's origin is unknown, just that Jimmie personally owned the ring prior to "Dukes" and wore it on and off the set in late 1978 while filming the first five episodes in Georgia. Basically, it's a Zuni ring, and the symbol is that of friendship. Turquoise was prized among the Zuni because of their belief that it had powers of healing and good fortune. Most of the Zuni rings are unique because they are made by the individual tribes people themselves, so an exact matching ring out there may not exist. 

In December 2006, during the process of preparing to move from Florida to North Carolina, Dorothy Best discovered the original ring and two of the original watches worn on the show in a small case in the back of a safe. Very neat to be able to give the fanbase an inside look at a "Dukes Detail" many fans have inquired about over the years. So, inquiring minds that wanted to know, they know. The real ring still exists and is safe and secure.